Monday, October 25, 2010

Princess Kristina

When I first started writing my book I was very clear on my characters Krystal and Seth. But as I wrote other characters came forward and became main characters; like Boyd. There wouldn't even be a book if there wasn't a Boyd. Another character surfaced while I was doing research on Norway, my characters ancestory home country. When I read the story of Princess Kristina, I just loved the story but there was a lot untold. I wanted to make Princess Kristina an important storyline but it took the story a whole different way. I had to scale her back much to my disappointment. I thought maybe someday I'll write her story. She lived in 1250's in Norway and then moved to Spain in her last part of her life. I was excited to find that an author wrote her story in 2010. The only problem is that the book is in Norwegian and Spanish. I wrote the publisher to see if they had plans to get an American publisher and they said no, but if I knew someone they would be interested. Someday I would like to help it get published here. The authors name is Mia Soreide.  The story someday would be a great companionship book with mine. Or at least I hope so.