Sunday, August 25, 2013

Movie Review time: Books to the big screen

I saw two of my favorite books turned into movies this week.

 Jace and Clary

First, City of Bones, I attended the midnight showing. This series has been a favorite book of mine for 3 years now. I reread the books to have a fresh memory of what happens in time for the movie release. I almost think it is best to forget all about the books before seeing its movie. You know very well they are going to have to change things to make it fit into 2 hours.  Here are the seven things that I’m glad made it into the movie:
  1. Clary is a heroine and not a damsel in distress. She is fearless and precisely how she acted in the book. (She was a little less redheaded than I imagined but it worked.)
  2. Jace’s instant attraction to Clary and need to be with her even though he is a wounded soul.
  3. Alec’s obsession with Jace must have gotten edited out because you didn’t see it much but when Clary accused Alec of being in love with Jace and he throws her against the wall was right on.
  4. The Silent Brothers with their lips sewn shut and gouged out eyes were creepily perfect.
  5. cob tshirtSimon with his Made in Brooklyn t-shirt was by far my favorite character in the movie. He stole the show with his broken-heart and big brown eyes.
  6. Valentine is the perfect bad guy you almost feel bad for but in the end he is truly evil with a lot of fight scenes.
  7. I was worried about how they would tastefully approach the end of book one. Like a lot of readers I was afraid people would be turned off by the revelation that our love triangle became incest with Clary and Jace being siblings. The movie addresses the issue and didn't make it at all creepy.
Well done, it was a great show. I’m planning to take my husband to see it. It has plenty of action and even if you haven’t read the books you will enjoy and understand the story line. 



  1. Here is a great article by Alyssa with the TMI Source( "We’re asking you to keep spreading the word about The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and keep seeing it until it bows out of theaters. We can do it, Shadowhunters! City of Bones can have a nice box office gross worldwide. The movie will be in theaters for awhile so there’s plenty of time! And we can make City of Ashes (which starts filming next month) a huge box office success when it hits theaters next year!"

  2. I watched COB again tonight with my husband and I stand corrected Simon's eyes are hazel. It was an interesting point of view since my husband had never read the books. Seeing the movie did make him want to read the series. Which is a good thing. But he felt lost and like he knew he was missing important information that wasn't explained well. He said the action was good and the story seemed really appealing but he was left with lots of question. It was even better for me seeing it the second time around. The characters were fun to watch come to life. I liked Jace even more the second time around.