Friday, December 28, 2012

Book Review of Emmalee by Jenni James

I heart this story! I think Emmalee is my favorite character of all the books so far in the Jane Austen Diaries. She seems to have it all; a rich family with a big house, money to spend on anything she wants but she still lacks one important thing, love. She takes on a project Hannah Smith and thinks she’s helping her out by being her friend. Chase Anderson is the guy next door and he’s a perfect George Knightly (He's also the older brother to Taylor Anderson from Pride & Popularity). Chatty Claire Hart (which we meet in Northanger Alibi which I loved!) is the annoying younger sister to Chloe & Cassidy that Emma has to endure and is annoyed by her busy-body ways. You have all your favorite characters from Jane Austen’s Emma in a modern-day twist. Matching-making by Emma gets all messed up and her new friend Hannah is heartbroken. It’s a wonderful story and I want to read it again and again. I’d love to see this one made into a movie. I know we already have an Emma movie but I want a modern version and not Clueless (even though I did enjoy that one). There are a lot of characters that make appearances from the other books and you start getting a complete picture of how they are all connected. Jenni is brilliant in her writing, the way it all works together. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

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