Sunday, June 5, 2011

Devil's lake hiking area where Boyd falls off the cliff
OF course I'm still editing. Why does it feel like your forever editing when writing a book? The easy part is writing the creative story you came up with. All the other stuff takes to long. "What do you mean, I have to make this perfect before I even send it to an agent." I'm paying someone to editing my book right now. That is a painful process because it's paying someone to insult you. I've really liked the suggestions so far until my editor said they didn't like my character Boyd in one scene. Which became very disheartening for me. I have become completely attached to him. It's like looking at someones baby and telling them its ugly. So I licked my wounds and made the changes to make Boyd a little less of a real man and more like a romance novel man that we all like to read about.  I heard a guy say one time, "If men acted like the way the men do in movies (or books) we'd have a restraining order against us." Which is true, we don't read for reality. We read for that great love story that defies all logic.    

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Query letter ideas

Eighteen- year old Krystal Teigen must overcome the dark presence influencing her life, or she’ll forever be a prisoner to its will.  It’s too bad that as she makes steps towards a better existence it provokes mysterious forces to work against her.
Growing up in Normal, Illinois proved to be ironic as Krystal never was. She can’t shake the ghostly feeling looming around her. When her family falls on hard times, she moves with them to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, hoping it will make a difference. Instead, the troubling impression that has tormented her throughout her life follows her.
Krystal bumps into Boyd McLaws and remembers they were once caught kissing in the barn when they were children. Boyd seems more than eager to take up where they left off. But unexplainable accidents keep happening when they are together. A drunk driver slams into their truck and is heard telling the police that something took over. Krystal realizes she is the one who has placed Boyd at risk when a strange wind pushes him off a cliff during a hike. Bewildered, she loses the trail down the mountain to get help and encounters Seth. He claims to be her guard, sent to help her. Just when Krystal is making steps in the right direction, she makes new friends that get her in trouble with the local police. The officers enlist her to act as an informant to gain evidence on the drugs that are coming into their town. She is hesitant to do this, until she realizes her younger brother is being lured into the group. The situation becomes critical as she finds herself in a life and death situation.
As the plans for evil domination reveals themselves, Krystal must come to terms with why she matters so much to those beyond this life.