Friday, January 25, 2013

This Blog rocked my writing world like an MJ video!

Like this video you rocked my world

This was an eye opener blog by agent Natalie M. Lakosil of Bradford Literary Agency

I'm rethinking my book as a YA. ANYTHING BUT NORMAL is first person POV of an eighteen year old girl but I'm not sure if my words and actions are in a true YA voice.  I have to reread my novel to see, "Am I a YA author or Adult author?"

"YA vs. Adult: what's so different, anyway?
One of my biggest pet peeves about submissions is reading queries from authors who are clearly trend-chasers. Currently, the biggest offender: adult writers who call their novels YA.

 AGE is not the determining factor of a YA."

     I believe my novel fits in the YA category because Krystal is thinking and acting as a YA but I’m afraid my voice is a little more mature than an 18 year old Goth girl.

Tell me what you think. Here’s the first page of ANYTHING BUT NORMAL

     Never run your horse towards home. Mother’s warning came to mind but the last thing I wanted was Mom to ruin my one enjoyment, riding my horse. Besides, Black wouldn't overpower me. We were like one when I was in the saddle. I snapped the reins, pressed my heels in, and yelled “YAW!” The sudden burst of speed was exactly what I needed. I took in a deep breath of the crisp Wisconsin air and caught the scent of wildflowers as flashes of gold and lilac blurred past me. I've always loved springtime when the flowers come to life after a harsh winter. Like my life, it represented a new beginning. I was Eighteen years old and had just moved to a new town, ready to make changes for the better. I leaned down to experience the thrill of riding fast on a 1,300 pound horse as his mighty legs hammered the dirt.    
     I shivered when the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and my blissful mood disappeared under the all-too familiar awareness of someone watching me. A biting wind whipped around and plastered my hair across my face, temporarily blinding me. With the reins in one hand, I pulled the hairs off my face with the other hand. We were approaching the woods at a dangerous speed.
    I caught a glimpse of someone behind a tree as birds scattered in a mass exit. Black spooked and I didn't have a good grip as he drove his front legs into the ground. His sliding halt and abrupt stop sent me flying over the top of his head. I grasped frantically to stay upright but instead found myself plummeting to the earth. I closed my eyes, waiting for the pain…

What do you think? Does that sound YA or Adult?
And while we’re at it, I'm questioning my whole genre. I have coined my novel as YA Paranormal Romance. My heroine is dealing with Demons and Angels in her life. 
"Paranormal romance focuses on romance and includes elements beyond the range of scientific explanation." 
Does my story have to have more prevalent paranormal themes involving vampires, shapeshifters, ghosts, or time travel to be considered paranormal? 

My story is not overly religious but the idea of Demons and Guardian Angels interfering and helping in our lives are a religious theory. Would my story fall into a religious category like inspirational fiction?

"There are some books that easily and obviously fit, such as the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, clearly written for the purpose of providing anecdotes that provide inspiration to the readers. Finding a good definition for the sub-genre of inspirational fiction is a little more difficult."

Like I said, this blog rocked my writing world but maybe I needed to rethink this. I need to know where my book fits so I can find the right agent or publishing company to love my book as much as I do.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Book Review of Drawn by Marie Lamba

There are so many things I liked about this book. It was original in so many ways, especially with the time travel. Michelle's an artist and when she starts drawing a picture of a sexy man with piercing glow-stick green eyes dressed like someone right out of the history books she finds herself thrown into a different century. She comes face to face with Christopher Newman a warrior fighting in the War of Roses. I love that time frame in history so it was great to be a part of it in this book. But we don't only spend time in a different century but we experience the hardships of a teenager today. Michelle moves with her dad from New Jersey to England. She's trying to start new and not be the freak girl anymore. She's dealing with family issues because her extravagant psychic mother abandoned her and her dad, and her brother is in a mental hospital back home. These are all issues that are hard for anyone to deal with so you really feel for Michelle. When the richest most popular boy William starts pursuing her you'd think it would be a good thing, but not for Michelle since Constance William's x-girlfriend starts digging into Michelle's past. Michelle has to figure out why she keeps coming into contact with Christopher Newman from the past and where she belongs in the future. It's a great read and you really feel for all the characters. I'd recommend this book for not only teenagers but all ages who like a wonderful book that is original and grabbing.

Maria Lamba is not only great writer but an agent and she has an awesome newsletter. She's always sharing very helpful information as a writer and as an agent. I'd advise all authors to go to her website and sign up for the newsletter at

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