Sunday, July 14, 2013

Book review of Divergent by Veronica Roth

A friend recommended this book and I was not disappointed.
Right off the bat you're pulled into Beatrice's gray world. She can't look in a mirror. She has to be asked a question before speaking at the dinner table. What has the world become? I instantly know we are in a futuristic Chicago with trains everywhere and the sears tower. The people have separated themselves into five groups. The groups are set up by their personalities and strengths. When you turn 16 you go through an aptitude test and they tell you what group you would best fit but in the end you get to choose. When they first came up with the five groups it might have been a good idea but over time people became corrupt and the groups started fighting with each other. Beatrice knew she would disappoint her family if she didn't choose her own people the Abnegation. A group that was completely focused on being selfless, which Beatrice wasn't. She had been watching the Dauntless kids and admired them for being wild and bold. She felt like she fit that better. When she took her aptitude test and found it was inconclusive, which meant she was Divergent. Beatrice was warned to keep that hidden because people were afraid of those who didn't fit into one of the groups. Divergent wouldn't conform and follow the rules so they would be eliminated to avoid trouble. When you choose a different faction you leave your families and have to go through initiation before you are officially a member. If you fail you will be factionless (homeless). When Beatrice picks Dauntless she changes her name to Tris and instantly is whipped into a dangerous and deadly world. She makes friends with Al, Will, and Christina but they make enemies really quick with Peter, Molly, and Drew. The initiation is harder than Tris ever imagined and wonders if she has made a mistake. Even though she is brave you have to be strong and Tris is small and soft. Four is their trainer and Eric is one of the Dauntless leaders over seeing the training. The two seem to have different ideas on how to train and clash with each  a lot. Eric is ruthless and gives Tris the creeps. Tris has to learn to use a gun, knife, and fist fight. Four has empathy for Tris and wants to help her. Tris's father who is a Abnegation leader is in the news because both of his children choose different groups and rumors are starting. Tris visits her brother who choose Erudite because they are more logical and intelligent. He warns her that a war is about to start against the Abnegation. Tris excels in the next round of initiation when they have to face their fears in a simulation. This makes the others jealous and even her friends turn on her. Tris doesn't know who she can trust but something is wrong and she has to help her parents and the Abnegation people.


I truly enjoyed this book. The characters are so real and you're involved in what happens to them. When they hurt you hurt. The writing is gripping and keeps you needing to know more. This is the first book in a trilogy and they are far from being out of danger. I'm going out to pick up Insurgent as soon as possible. They are also filming the movie right now and should be released in March 2014. Veronica is a wonderful writer and I just saw on her blog that the third book Allegiant will be released this October. Yipee! I think this is a book my husband would like too. It isn't to mushy and romantic but enough to keep me happy but it has plenty of action to keep the men happy. A great read!


  1. I was really surprised at the end find out that she was actually dead the whole time and just seeing the past thoughts of the living people that she had been close to. And what a twist at the end for her husband to get hit by a bus and join her. I actually cried harder while reading this book then I did at the end of Babe. I heard that they had a plagiarism problem and the movie has been delayed and won't be opening until August 19th 2014. Too bad. I can't wait.

    1. Yeah I don't know what book you're talking about but it isn't the same one.