Saturday, December 5, 2009


UGH! Right now I'm in the re-editing faze of my book. Does anybody else hate that? I don't know how people did it before the computer world was invented. I think about re-editing with a typewriter, wow! That takes dedication. So instead of editing, I'm writing on my blog because this is fun. I like the fun part of writing. Like creating a world and getting into a character that's the best part. The hard part is trying to make it presentable for someone else to read. I'm lucky that I have my Mom and cousin Brenda to be my editors. They are extremely talented and my cheerleaders to keep me going. A couple weeks ago I went to a writers conference in Scottsdale that was put on by the Romance Writers group. It was so great. Our very own Donna Hatch from ANWA was there teaching a class that I thoroughly enjoyed. My Mom (go cheerleader) spoke to a published author and she agreed to read my first chapter to critic it. That was wonderful to get another opinion. Bette McNicholas is the author(Farragut Square) and co-author of several books and lives right here in Gilbert, AZ. I got to go over to her house and spend a couple hours while she showed me what I needed to edit. So now I've been re-editing the whole book, which is like trudging through mud for me. But it is necessary, I know. So thanks for taking this break with me. Back to editing I go...

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