Wednesday, April 7, 2010

work work work

I've been slacking on working on my book. So back to work I go. I'm at the final stages of reediting and I think as I get close to the end I don't want it to be over with. So to distract myself I've found a contest I want to enter. They want the first 10 pages of my book it's called the "Magic Moments contest." Which of course I've reedited that version a billion times. It's the moment when Krystal and Boyd meet in their adulthood for the first time. The sexy man with his dimples and great looks, falls crazy in love with Krystal and she can't figure out why. What makes us attracted so quickly and instantly is a mystery but fun to write about. So hopefully I will have an update on the contest in a month or so, but for now I will persevere and finish this book so some day it will be available for all to read.

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