Saturday, March 17, 2012

Always in pursuit of the perfect query letter- how's this?

Demons and Angels live among us, most of the time undetected and unseen. For eighteen-year old Krystal Teigen being aware of those spiritual creatures is a common occurrence, until a dark force becomes terrifyingly tangible. 
Growing up in Normal, Illinois proves to be ironic as Krystal is anything but normal. She can't shake the ghostly feeling of someone looming around her. When her family falls on hard times, she moves with them to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Krystal bumps into Boyd McLaws and is reminded they were once caught kissing in the barn when they were children. Boyd seems more than eager to take up where they left off but catastrophes keep happening when they are together. Krystal realizes she is the one who has put Boyd at risk when a strange wind pushes him off a cliff during a hike. Trying to find help Krystal encounters Seth, he claims he’s her “guard” sent to help. While Boyd is laid up with a broken leg Krystal makes friends with a tattooed bad boy; hanging out with him gets her into trouble with the local police. The officers enlist her to act as an informant to gain evidence on the drugs coming into their town. She is hesitant to cooperate until she realizes her younger brother is being lured into the very group the police want her to infiltrate. When things turn deadly, Krystal learns why she matters to those beyond.

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