Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rejection Letter

My first rejection email has arrived from an agent that I thought for sure would be interested based on the other authors they represent. I sent the query back in October. October! That is five months it took them to read my query and reject it. Agents must really be backed up.The agency didn't give any feedback of why they weren't interested.

 I'm glad to get my first rejection letter, it feels like a rite of passage as a true writer.

I have my next agent in mind I'm really interested in. At the Changing Hands writers conference I attended last month, I was inspired by Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Terry's class. (if you want to read the blog click here--> It's a great time to be an author) They suggested going to your favorite books and those like your story and read the acknowledgement page as a great way to find an agent. I've had two series of books that I love and always reference my book as "like" stories. Lo and behold, I looked in the acknowledgment section for both and the same agent represents them. I'm excited to query him but my query has to be perfect to catch his attention. See previous blog for query always-in-pursuit-of-perfect-query. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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