Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Time Travel???

I'm working on my second novel "Far Far Away" and I'm trying to brainstorm a way to "time travel" but not write a Sci-Fi or Fantasy story.

I'd like to stay in the paranormal realm since this will be a sequel to "Far From Normal." A Paranormal Romance that I'm currently working on getting published. I started thinking about all the stories I've read that time travel. See my list below of my favorite time travel stories. Any suggestions on other books I can read that time travel but aren't strong Sci-Fi or Fantasy books? 

A favorite of mine is Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series. That's what I'm looking for a spiritual and magical place like the Stonehenge in Scotland where the character is warped back in time. I accepted that theory right away and loved the book. http://www.dianagabaldon.com/writing/the-outlander/outlander/
Janette Rallison does time travel in some of her books. In "Time Riders" the characters are in a science lab at college and someone in the future takes them through a wormhole by mistake as they were looking for an important scientist. It was believable enough because who am I to say that the future won't have that kind of advancement. (I found Janette's word play on how the future mistakes our meanings genius.) To purchase --->Time-Riders-Sierra-St-James/Janette Rallison

Janette also has two other stories that go back in time but to fairy-tale time. "My Fair Godmother" and "My Unfair Godmother." A fairy godmother is a great way to get your character sent back in time but very much a fantasy story. (see blog for  book review of My Unfair Godmother.)

<---To purchase  my-fair-godmother-janette-rallison

To Purchase --> my-unfair-godmother-janette-rallison

Jude Deveraux is another author that writes unusual stories dealing with characters being sent to another time. Always-Forever-Trilogy-Jude-Deveraux
Of course there is always "The Time Travelers Wife." We accepted the love story of him coming in and out of time. Time-Travelers-Wife-Audrey-Niffenegger

I want to write a story that is believable enough that after your done reading you stop and say, "what if?" 

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